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亚博游戏软件_国足开练3天李铁寻找“平衡点” 暂无计划安排内部对抗赛

The assembly in October is the fourth training session of the Tiejiajun in 2020. Li Tie said frankly that he must be ready to fight at any time, even if the World Cup qualifiers start suddenly next week, he should not be caught off guard. Having said that, Li Tie still tried his best to ensure a degree of relaxation during training.


On the first day of the training camp, Li Tie already showed his love for these international players. He used two "cruel" to express his understanding of the battle between the Chinese Super League and the national football team. "During this period of training, we must first take good care of the players and make them appear in the second stage of the Super League in their best condition." Generally speaking, when all the international football teams are in place, the national team coaching team and team doctors will Arrange multiple physical function tests for the players. But this time because of the short training time, and the coaching staff had already found almost all the players to understand their physical profile before the training, the national team focused on the setting of daily training projects and many other links (such as watching the movie " Winning the championship", referee law enforcement business learning, etc.). "The vast majority of players must be very tired. This is obvious, and there are some international players who came with injuries this time." An insider said.

在训练营的第一天,李铁已经表现出了对国际球员的热爱。他用两个“残酷”来表达他对中国超级联赛和国家橄榄球队之间战斗的理解。 “在这段训练期间,我们必须首先照顾好球员,并使他们以最佳状态出现在中超联赛的第二阶段。”一般来说,当所有国际足球队都到位后,国家队教练队和队医会为球员安排多项身体机能测试。但是这次由于训练时间短,教练组已经发现几乎所有球员在训练前都了解自己的身体状况,因此国家队着重于日常训练项目的设置以及许多其他环节(例如观看比赛电影《夺冠》,裁判执法业务学习等)。 “绝大多数球员一亚博游戏软件定很累。这很明显,这次有些国际球员受伤了。”一位内部人士说。

It is understood that people like Hao Junmin, Wei Shihao, and Zhu Chenjie are all wounded. Previously, the national team had been forced to adjust candidates due to Liu Yun's injury, and Wu Xinghan was urgently upgraded from Shandong Luneng. According to Li Tie's idea, in addition to examining the players, this training camp must also take into account the interests of the Super League clubs. He also said that the schedule is indeed very tight.


For at least three days from the 4th to the 6th, the training of the national team still maintains a normal rhythm. Sometimes, although the duration is more than one and a half hours, Li Tie will use 30-40 minutes for relaxation, stretching and body recovery. Generally speaking, in the second half of the training session, Li Tie will also arrange a small range of 7 vs. 7 and 8 vs. 8 ball confrontations, but he has a clearer control over the time. Many players have a feeling after practicing: the head coach is looking for a balance point, which can make the players better understand and familiarize with the national football play, but also avoid fatigue and injuries to the greatest extent. Fortunately, in the first three days, the 28 international players have always participated in every training session without landing. Li Tie's grasp of the team's overall training rhythm is quite exciting.


Unlike Japan, Iran and other teams that will be warming up, this time the national football training camp in Shanghai will not arrange any matches, even the teaching matches of the same local clubs. In the team, there are now a total of 28 international footballers, theoretically they can be divided into team A and team B for a 90-minute simulation match. However, it is understood that the coaching staff has no such idea yet. The team has arranged a total of 6 training sessions this time, and will gradually increase the training intensity in a gradual manner. Not surprisingly, the national team will be in large numbers for the first time on the morning of the 8th. It is expected that the practice items and training intensity will be upgraded compared with the days before the training.


Normally speaking, this troop in Shanghai will be the "sweet sing" of the Tiejia Army in 2020. The current thinking of the coaching staff is to strive for a short-term training camp in southern China in January next year. But now the national team has many concerns, one is how to start the AFC Champions League in 2021; the other is the winter training plan of the Chinese Super League clubs. As for arranging an international warm-up match, it may not be very practical to wait until early next year. This is also a disadvantage for the Chinese team when preparing for the World Cup qualifiers compared to other Asian players.


Therefore, what Li Tie pays more attention to at this stage is to instill more Tiejia army tactical concepts into the new and old internationals. Although many new players have come this time, such as Zhang Yuning, Guo Tianyu, Tong Lei, etc., it is understood that in the first three days of training, many old players have adapted faster and their roles in the team are more important. For these newcomers, Li Tie tends to use a means of spreading to help them grow.


(Reported by PP Sports Reporter Group)


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