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The new season matches of the major leagues have started one after another, and the European Super Cup will also kick off this season's European war. Bayern, who won the triple crown last season, will face the challenge of Europa League king Sevilla. Sevilla defeated Roma, Wolves, Manchester United and Inter Milan all the way to win the Europa League. Their strength is evident, but Bayern still holds five major advantages:


2020 is undoubtedly a year full of uncertainty, but if there is one thing that can be determined on the green field, it is the extraordinary competitive state of Bayern killing the Quartet.


The last time the Bavarian Giants lost in an official game has to be dated back to December 7th last year, when they were a guest at Monchengladbach and lost 1-2. But since then, Bayern has remained unbeaten in 31 official matches for 9 months, including winning 30 games and scoring 106 goals. Recently, it has played 22 consecutive games in various competitions. Win all.


Such an outstanding state also allowed Frick to lead the team to an extraordinary triple crown honor, which also gave them the opportunity to face the Europa League champion Sevilla in the European Super Cup. Not long ago, Bayern proved through actual performance that they continued their form into the new season. They beat the Royal Blue 8-0 in the Bundesliga opener against Schalke 04 at home last weekend.


It is quite rare to score 8 goals in a single game, but for this Bayern team, the last time they completed this feat was only 35 days ago. At that time, Bayern slaughtered Barcelona 8-2 in the Champions League quarter-finals, while the Catalan giants beat Sevilla 4-0 last season. This also reflects from the side that Bayern's strength is clearly superior compared to Sevilla.


There is no doubt that Lewandowski is the key to Bayern's brilliant achievements last season. In Bayern's 31-match undefeated journey, Lewand only failed to score in 4 games. Among the 106 goals scored by the team, Lewann scored 27 goals alone, accounting for a staggering quarter.


He scored 55 goals in a single season. Under the premise that the team won the Bundesliga, the German Cup and the Champions League, the individual also reached the top of the scorer list in all three events. If it were not for the cancellation of the Golden Globes for some reason, Lewand would obviously be the best candidate for the highest personal honor this year.


Although he scored only 1 penalty in the first game of the new season with a victory over Schalke, this was also an opportunity created by him. In addition, he also sent out 2 assists, of which the one that helped Mueller make achievements was an ecstasy pass.


Although he is 32 years old, the Polish center is obviously unwilling to stop scoring, and his excellent physical condition has not shown a downward trend. Although he has been somewhat unwell recently, if Lewandard makes his appearance tonight, he will obviously be the focus of the audience.


Although Bayern's performance last season has been high enough, but they may be able to make further progress. The joining of Manchester City winger Sane is a big signal. The popular German international also made a blockbuster in his Bayern debut, contributing 1 shot and 2 passes in the game against the old master Schalke.


Two of the assists were when he drove the ball into the penalty area and fed Gnabry the cake, and the latter also finally staged a hat trick. Thanks to the tacit cooperation in the German national team at all levels for a long time, the two young wingers seem to no longer need to adapt to each other. The take-off of the new generation of "Golden Wings" also gives Bayern greater forward potential.


It is worth mentioning that Gnabry was the only player in the Bayern team to achieve "double goals + assists" last season. The smooth cooperation between him and San also made the Bayern fans seem to see "Ro Berry" figure. However, Sane also said in an interview: "The team already had a group of outstanding players and great cohesion when they reached the top last season. Although they just won the triple crown, they are still full of hunger, everyone. He didn't relax at all."

值得一提的是,纳纳比是拜仁队上赛季唯一实现“双进球+助攻”的球员。他和San之间的顺畅合作也使拜仁球迷似乎看到了“ Ro Berry”的身影。然而,萨内在接受采访时也说:“当上赛季他们进入顶峰时,车队已经拥有一批杰出的球员和强大的凝聚力。尽管他们刚刚获得了三冠王,但每个人仍然充满饥饿感。根本不要放松。”

After Thiago officially moved to Liverpool, many people are still shocked by the news. But if you already have Gretzka and Kimmich in your club, the dual-core pair of the world's best midfielders, it may not be so difficult to understand the pursuit of the dream of a player who plays meritoriously.


Gretzka's progress last season was so great that midfield masters like Thiago have been on the bench after the league restart. Not long ago, he scored the second goal against the old Schalke, which again proved his important role in the Frick system.


Kimmich's performance in the season opener was even more amazing. He once again sent two brilliant assists, in addition to two long passes for the final goal. And last season, his running distance was the highest among all Bundesliga players.


In contrast, Sevilla lost their core midfielder Banega in the offseason, and the latter's solid performance is also a key factor in Sevilla's ability to win the Europa League. Despite the return of Rakitic from Barcelona, ​​the 32-year-old Croat and the 33-year-old Fernando's midfielder are obviously lacking in mobility and physical fitness. What Bayern is good at is all-round high press. Kimmich and Gretzka, both 25-year-olds, are likely to make each other out of breath.


Although Thiago moved to Liverpool, Perisic, Coutinho and Odriosola have left the team after the loan expires, but Bayern is still much higher than Sevilla in terms of lineup thickness.


Davis, who failed to make his debut in the Bundesliga due to muscle problems, should be able to make a comeback in the UEFA Super Cup tonight. After a brilliant and busy season, this kind of rotation can also give Davis a chance to recharge. He has been recognized as one of the best full-backs in the world through his previous performance.


And if Alaba's physical condition has not recovered, Frick can also fully let Lucas, who served as left back in the previous game, receive the center. At the same time, Jule and Boateng also have the strength to serve as starting central defenders. Behind Neuer, Nubel and Ulreich provided double protection for the substitute goalkeeper.


As for the midfield, Toliso, who is determined to stay in the team, is also ready to go, and he can completely change the situation as a new force. Harvey Martinez, Kusanz and Fein, who performed well in the Bundesliga last season, can also provide assurance. And Koeman, who scored at the head of the Champions League final, can also endure for the rapid rush of the two wings. If the ironman Lewand needs to rest, Zilkzee has repeatedly proved the efficiency of his ability to fight.


From the current point of view, the only obvious shortcoming of Bayern's lineup is the lack of rotation players on the right back to compete with Pavar, but Kimmich, who played a guest, can also deliver world-class performance in this position.




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